Spring Studio is a Design-First agency. What does that even mean?


If you're anything like the people we talk to all day, you've probably heard a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo about how this agency or that agency is "design-first." You've probably wondered what it means. You've probably gotten annoyed by the jargon. Here at Spring Studio, we're not much for fancy language or buzzwords. We let our work speak for itself and stand on its own merits. But if you are wondering what our design-first approach is all about, read more below:

Everyone says they are design-first. We mean it.

Design-first is not a fad, it’s a philosophy. It’s not a buzzword, or a marketing ploy and it certainly isn’t some trendy phase. Design-first is an enduring mindset that allows you to create products that people actually love using.

At Spring Studio we believe in design-first because it has the power to transform your business from average to exceptional and bring your brand to life through meaningful experiences for your customers.

The users are at the heart of what we do.

We believe that design is about understanding users, their needs and motivations. Design is about creating products and services that people want to use. It's also about providing a positive experience for everyone involved: the client, and of course the user. At Spring Studio we start with research—researching how people think, behave and interact with each other—and then we use this information to create great products and experiences from scratch.

Design is not just what something looks like, but how it works.

You may have heard the term "design thinking" before. It's what we call our approach to creating products and experiences that people love. But when we say "design," we're not just talking about how something looks—we're talking about how it works and feels, too.

Design is a set of tools with which you can create positive emotional responses in your users through thoughtful consideration for them as human beings. You don't want just to make something pretty; you want to make something useful, delightful, or even delightful-and-useful (which is why some of our favorite apps are also apps we use every day).

That's why at Spring Studio, we don't think of ourselves as designers—we think of ourselves as storytellers who happen to use design as their medium. We tell stories through code and pixels because that's what our users need us to do: tell their stories with the best possible user experience possible

We let our work speak for itself.

Our work speaks for itself. And we write about it on our blog. And we write about design in general on our blog.

That's why we're a Design-First agency—we don't have to talk about ourselves when our work does all the talking for us. Our philosophy is that done is better than perfect, so if you want something done well and on time, hire us!


We believe that through empathy, skill and experience we can create products that people love. Great design is the key to this, and at Spring Studio we’re proud of our design-first ethos. In order for your product to succeed it needs to be easy to use and give your customers a seamless journey, from the first time they interact with it until the end of their online experience. We understand that having a great product isn’t enough though, as there needs to be fantastic marketing too - which we also offer!

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