Met as clients
Grew as founders
Meet Mony and Tristan and their journey to start Spring Studio
Spring Studio's story started when Mony and Tristan first met while working together.
Tristan was freelancing for some awesome brands
He built a reputation for creating beautiful and functional designs across industries like E-commerce, tech startups, and real-estate
Along came Mony
Mony was starting his first SaaS company, Maidily and hired Tristan to design the MVP
Their passion for entrepreneurship and design led them to work one-on-one with founders.
They kept hearing ...
“We need good design, delivered fast, without hiring full time”
They knew it was a problem worth solving
"We knew we wanted to build a mission-driven solution that could actually help"
- Tristan
Our four core pillars
Exceed expectations
Hire the best
Be a problem seeker
Create with purpose
Sept 2020
After months of back and forth
Spring Studio was born
The platform was designed to help founders across any industry
Real estate
The team of senior designers expanded to deliver world-class design to companies across the world
Alina Svitlak
UX Designer
Daria Dizhevskaya
UX Designer
Eric Alcantara
Graphic Designer
Adam Chawdhury
Motion Designer
Allyson Randa
Print Designer
Jeric Echavez
UX Designer
Sergey Kostiuchenko
Graphic Designer
Maria-Adriana Ilie
Branding Designer
Tung Chan
UI/UX & Graphic Designer
Rio Fronda
Project Manager
Shruti Saha
UI/UX Designer
Abdellah Rholem
UI/UX Designer
Not everybody has the budget for a full-time senior designer or an expensive agency.
This is why Spring Studio exists.
We are on a mission to
give founders access to beautiful design from world-class designers at a fraction of the cost