DiGuide Mobile App
DiGuide is a mobile app company that connects homeowners in need of home maintenance and repair services with qualified plumbers and HVAC professionals via video chat. The app aims to simplify and give homeowners the confidence to fix things on their own.
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Homeowners often have difficulty finding reliable and affordable plumbers and HVAC professionals, leading to frustration and wasted time. On the other side, plumbers and HVAC professionals face challenges in reaching potential customers and building their businesses.

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To understand the needs and pain points of both homeowners and service professionals, we conducted interviews and surveys with a diverse group of users. We identified the key issues and challenges facing the current process, including lack of transparency, difficulty in finding qualified professionals, and challenges for service professionals in marketing their businesses.

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Based on our research, we developed a user-friendly app that allows homeowners to easily search for and connect with qualified service professionals via video chat. The app also includes features for service professionals to market their businesses and manage their schedules. We incorporated prototyping and user testing to gather feedback and make refinements to the design.


The implementation of DiGuide has had a significant impact on the home maintenance and repair service industry. Homeowners have reported increased satisfaction with the process of finding and booking qualified professionals, and service professionals have experienced an increase in business and a more streamlined process for managing their schedules and marketing their services.

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Overall, DiGuide has successfully solved the problems faced by both homeowners and service professionals in the home maintenance and repair service industry. The user-friendly app has simplified the process of finding and connecting with qualified professionals and has helped service professionals grow their businesses. In the future, we envision expanding the app to include additional features and services.