Entry Management
Entry Management is a SaaS company that offers a back-office solution for communities to issue access key fobs to their residents. The current process for issuing key fobs is manual and time-consuming, leading to frustrated residents and overwhelmed community managers.
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The Problem

The manual process for issuing key fobs is inefficient and prone to errors, resulting in long wait times and lack of transparency for residents. Community managers also struggle to track key fob distribution and manage the high volume of requests.

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To understand the needs and pain points of both community managers and residents, we conducted interviews and surveys with a diverse group of users. We identified the key issues and challenges facing the current process, including long wait times, lack of transparency, and difficulty tracking key fob distribution.

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Based on our research, we developed a user-friendly online platform for requesting and managing key fobs. The platform includes automatic notifications and updates for residents, as well as detailed tracking and reporting capabilities for community managers. We also incorporated prototyping and user testing to gather feedback and make refinements to the design.


The implementation of Entry Management has had a significant impact on the key fob issuance process. Community managers have reported increased efficiency and transparency, and residents have expressed improved satisfaction with the process. We have also seen a reduction in wait times and an increase in usage of the platform.

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Overall, Entry Management has successfully solved the problems faced by both community managers and residents in the key fob issuance process. The user-friendly platform has streamlined the process and improved transparency, resulting in increased efficiency and satisfaction. In the future, we envision expanding the platform to include additional features and functionality.